Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why you should hire a Virtual Assistant!


The virtual assistant industry is growing strong! I am so proud to be a virtual assistant and business owner. My work is very rewarding because I am able to bless others with gifts, knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my career.

Are you ready to hire a virtual assistant? Do you have any of the following needs:
  • Do you need assistance managing your email campaigns?
  • Would you like a resource to handle your travel arrangements?
  • Are you going on vacation or running out for meetings and would like a live voice to handle your calls?
  • Are you being charged an arm and a leg for website updates through your current webmaster?
  • Do you need an analysis of your current equipment so you can decide whether or not to budget for replacements?
  • Do you need an administrator for your phone and intranet accounts?
  • Are you perhaps looking for a moderator for your webinar(s)?
  • Are your clients not paying bills on time, forcing you into the need of someone to follow up on your aged receivables?
Any and all of these are typical reasons to outsource your needs to a virtual assistant immediately. Do you know you can save money on a monthly basis by contracting with a virtual assistant instead of trying to do all the work yourself? Think about it - how much do you charge your clients? That's the same amount you charge yourself with debt everytime you have to manage tasks that can be outsourced to an experienced virtual assistant.

Check out the website to view other uses of a V.A. today! http://www.ExceptionalBizSolutions.com

Share your stories! Have you utilized the services of a virtual assistant before? What was your experience? Are you looking for a virtual assistant now? How can we begin working together?

See ya online again real soon!

Tya Bolton
Exceptional Business Solutions
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